After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia in 1992-1993 ended up being one of the bloodiest and unresolved. During the war, ethnic Abkhazians extracted northwestern Georgia from Tbilisi’s control. It caused thousands of causalities, which led to the displacement of about 250,000 people and around 25,000 deaths due to ethnic cleansing, a mass killing of members of an unwanted ethnic group in a society. Many Abkhazian refugees ended up in Tbilisi, many went by foot, which took them one month during the winter time. Upon arrival the Georgian government provided support to these families, including housing; where they paid a small amount to live in a building occupied by other refugees. The was forgotten and remained frozen until the Russian military intervened across Georgia in 2008 and Abkhazia became recognized as an independent state.